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Corneal Diseases at Brandon Eye Associates

The health of your eyes is very important. If something is amiss with your vision, it’s recommended you see an eye doctor immediately. At Brandon Eye Associates, our certified eye doctors treat a variety of conditions. We’ll now explain these in detail. Corneal disease may be caused by degeneration or infection. Depending on the severity of the disease, some patients need surgery. For others, prescription eye drops and other medications can relieve the symptoms.

Corneal Disease


Cataracts are a type of cloud that grows over your vision. You rarely develop these overnight. Instead, they grow gradually until your vision is impacted. Don’t wait until it gets to that point if you can help it. Our Brandon and Plant City ophthalmologists offer no-stitch cataract surgery to renew your vision.  


 Although a common vision disorder, glaucoma is a serious one. This targets the retina’s optic nerve, which is in charge of connecting vision signals from the brain to the eyes. As you can imagine, when the optic nerve gets damaged, your vision is permanently threatened.

Macular degeneration

We also specialize in macular degeneration that occurs as a patient gets older. In this instance of macular degeneration, the eye’s macula is affected. Located near the retina, the macula is a key part of normal, healthy vision, especially noticing smaller details. When the macula weakens, there’s a threat of permanent lack of vision.


Although the term astigmatism sounds complicated, it’s not. With this condition, you can’t see things that are far away. Your eyes can see what’s right in front of you, though. You may have mixed astigmatism (in which your eyes are both farsighted and nearsighted), hyperopic astigmatism (in which farsightedness occurs), or myopic astigmatism (in which nearsightedness occurs). With corrective lenses, we can treat astigmatism.


Sometimes known as surfer’s eye, that’s because pterygium develops from overexposure to sunlight. When you have this condition, growths appear on your eyes. These are pterygia. They may not hurt, but they can permanently damage your vision. The pterygia grow on the cornea and the sclera.


Another condition that affects the cornea is keratoconus. This condition can appear in teenagers and adults. The cornea changes shape and becomes more pointed and cone-like. This can lead to glare sensitivity and blurry vision. Corneal transplants may sometimes be necessary, but if caught early enough, corrective lenses can treat the condition.

Dry eye

When your eyes can’t produce enough of their own natural tears, dry eye can occur. With this condition, your eyes are itchy, red, and irritated. Prescription medications like artificial tears can often treat dry eye.

Fuchs dystrophy 

Your corneas contain endothelium. This prevents fluid from accumulating near the cornea. With Fuchs dystrophy, that no longer occurs. The cornea becomes cloudy and swollen. Permanent vision loss could occur. Our Plant City ophthalmologists at Brandon Eye Associates also offer routine optometric exams, ophthalmic eye exams, and diabetic eye care. Our eye care center has served customers for more than 30 years.

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We’re led by a team of trained ophthalmologists who have each learned and honed their craft for a decade or more. That ensures their diagnoses are accurate and their treatments work. Our ophthalmologists are Craig Berger, M.D., George Fisher, M.D., Carol M. Marquis, O.D., Amy Martino, M.D., Jennifer S. Landy, M.D., Teofil B. Kulyk, M.D., Neal A. Honickman, M.D., Haroon Ilyas, M.D., and Lawerence C. Taylor Jr., M.D.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, please call 813-684-2211 or visit us at Brandon Eye Associates on 540 Medical Oaks Avenue in Brandon.


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