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Diabetic Eye Care in Brandon and Plant City

The eyes play an important role in the way that you view and perceive the world. When you develop diabetes, it impacts the way that you manage your health, including the health of your eyes. An eye doctor provides the tools you need to address concerns related to your vision, but you must also understand the way that diabetes impacts your vision.

Impact of Diabetes on Your Health

Diabetes impacts your health in different ways. Primarily, it impacts the way that your body manages sugars and carbohydrates. Since your body does not properly produce insulin or it resists insulin in your system, you face complications related to high glucose levels.

High blood sugar levels impact your vision and the health of your eyes because it damages specific areas of your eyes. Over time, you start losing your vision or you face complications with your vision. An ophthalmologist at our clinic provides the tools that you need to start making positive changes and maintain the health of your eyes.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is a common problem that occurs when your blood sugar levels raise above a normal range. It also develops as a direct result of the sudden rise and fall of your blood sugar levels, so you want to address the underlying cause of the condition.

When you visit an eye doctor in our clinic, we evaluate the possible risks associated with diabetes and check for any signs of retinopathy. Visit our Plant City or Brandon clinics for a full exam of your eyes when you notice any changes to your vision. An eye doctor evaluates the situation and identifies the underlying cause of your loss of vision. When damage to your retina develops from high blood sugar levels or similar complications associated with your health concerns, you want to start a treatment plan to focus on reducing the risks to your eyes and protecting your vision.

Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Diabetic eye health concerns develop as a direct result of your blood glucose levels. By taking measures to control the blood glucose levels and working with an ophthalmologist to protect your eyes, you help reduce the possibility of losing your vision. 

At our clinic, we provide the tools and information that you need to address your specific concerns. We understand the complications associated with the condition and take measures to educate individuals about their eye health. We also offer treatment plans based on the situation to address any changes to your vision that relate to the condition or complications associated with the condition. During an exam, we check for complications or problems so that your eyes heal and recover.

Problems with your physical health impact the health of your eyes. When you notice any changes to your vision and you have a medical condition, you want a comprehensive eye exam to check for potential damage to the retina or other areas of the eyes. To learn more about the impact of diabetes, contact us today! (813) 606-5876. 


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