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Astigmatism FAQ By Your Brandon Ophthalmologist


Individuals who think they have astigmatism can receive professional care from our Brandon ophthalmologist. Here at Brandon Eye Associates serving Brandon and Plant City Dr. Lawrence Taylor offers complete eye care solutions. Whether you are searching for an eye doctor to examine your vision due to signs of astigmatism, or you want to permanently correct your eye condition, we can help. Start by learning more about astigmatism with these FAQs that we commonly are asked by our patients. 

What is Astigmatism?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology an astigmatism is caused when your cornea has an incorrect curvature. In some patients the curvature of the cornea affects the lens, while others experience this condition in the front surface of the eye. The curvature can also be located inside the eye. This common eye condition effects millions of individuals and most commonly causes blurry vision. If you are suffering from blurred vision caused by astigmatism this can lead to headaches and eye discomfort. If you are suffering from blurred vision, headaches, and eye discomfort please contact your eye doctor at Brandon Eye Associates to schedule an appointment to test for astigmatism. 

What is the Most Common Treatment for Astigmatism in Ophthalmology?

Astigmatism can be effectively treated by your ophthalmologist in Brandon and Plant City. If you are diagnosed with this eye condition you will most likely be provided with corrective eye wear. Prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses can help individuals who have astigmatism. However, for a more permanent solution LASIK eye surgery or ortho-K overnight contact lenses can be effective in correcting the curvature of the cornea. 

What is the Cause of Astigmatism? 

We do not have a clear cut cause for astigmatism. The American Optometric Association states that astigmatism is often present at birth and may be hereditary. Therefore if your family history includes several individuals with astigmatism this could be an indicator that you, too, will develop this condition. Additionally, the symptoms of astigmatism may increase or decrease as you age.

What can I Expect When I Go to Brandon Eye Associates for an Astigmatism?

The first step to treating this vision issue is through a diagnosis by your eye doctor at Brandon Eye Associates. Dr. Taylor will provide you with a complete eye exam to test your vision for astigmatism. This will give your ophthalmologist the information he needs to best treat your particular case of astigmatism. Your Brandon eye doctor will also make note of your eye health history including any eye infections or other vision correction issues. This information will allow your ophthalmologist to customize your treatment solution to best suit your overall vision and eye health. 

Your Ophthalmologist in Brandon and Plant City

If you are searching for an ophthalmologist serving Brandon and Plant City we can help. Here at Brandon Eye Associates our ophthalmologists can diagnose and treat your astigmatism using the best methods for your lifestyle. Contact our Brandon office at 813-684-2211 or call us at the Plant City location at 813-754-1869 to schedule an appointment.


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