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Cataracts Treatment in Brandon and Plant City 

Cataracts are frustrating, but they are highly treatable using safe outpatient procedures. Our ophthalmologists have treated thousands of patients from the Brandon and Plant City areas who complained of cataracts. Learn when to come see our eye doctors for cataract removal and what to expect during the procedure.

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When to See an Eye Doctor for Cataract Surgery 

Many factors may play a role in the development of cataracts, from aging to lifestyle habits like smoking or health conditions such as diabetes. If you notice your vision is blurry and your eyes start to appear cloudy instead of clear, you may have a cataract. 

Cataracts usually grow slowly. Only part of your vision may be affected when you first notice it. Eye doctors do not remove cataracts until they've grown large enough to interfere with your vision and prevent you from doing activities of normal daily life.

While you should come see our eye doctor just to have your cataracts checked out, we won't recommend surgery until you face difficulty watching television or driving. In the meantime, we will manage your cataracts by adjusting your glasses prescription, recommending anti-glare or polarizing sunglasses, and suggesting lifestyle habits to adopt. 

Cataract Removal in Brandon and Plant City 

In the past, having cataracts removed meant going to the hospital and staying for a few days. No wonder that many older adults suffering from cataracts would choose to live with the condition for as long as possible, putting off a costly and lengthy procedure. 

Our ophthalmologist performs a type of cataract removal called no-stitch cataract surgery that's so simple you can be in and out in 10 minutes! The recovery process has changed too, so you can go back to doing what you love after the procedure -- no waiting time! You won't even need to wear an eye patch after the procedure.

In our no-stitch cataract surgery, our eye doctor in Brandon or Plant City makes a small incision in your cornea. We then use ultrasound to break apart the cloudy layer into small pieces and remove it from the surface of your eye. Finally, we put a replacement intraocular lens or IOL in your eye. This restores your eye's natural appearance, so you won't have to worry about your eye looking cloudy or appearing red. 

This type of cataract surgery has a success rate of 95 percent and is extremely safe. 

We know you will love this new procedure, as we have hundreds of satisfied patients loving life without cataracts. We are happy to offer this advanced procedure in our state of the art surgical suite. Yet if you've got any concerns over what to expect when having cataracts removed, we are more than happy to answer your questions in an eye care appointment.

Complete our online patient information form or contact us today if you're ready to reserve an appointment. Dial 813-684-2211 to get out Brandon office, or 813-754-1869 to reach Plant City.


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