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Our Brandon and Plant City Ophthalmologists Answer Your Questions About Cataracts

If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, your eye lenses have clouded over. This makes it difficult to see clearly, reducing your ability to read, drive and recognize faces. Fortunately, no-stitch cataract surgery is available at Brandon Eye Associates in Brandon and Plant City. Before you jump into eye surgery, learn more about cataracts and how this condition can affect you.


Who Does Cataracts Affect?

Most cataracts cases develop gradually in people over age 50. About half of people develop cataracts by age 65, and nearly everyone has the condition by the time they turn 75.

When Should I Consider Eye Surgery in Brandon or Plant City?

Perhaps at your last eye exam, your Brandon or Plant City eye doctor informed you that you have a cataract in one or both eyes. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean eye surgery is the next step. In fact, we recommend waiting until the cloudy vision starts interfering with daily tasks, such as driving or reading. Only when your condition affects your lifestyle should you consider cataract surgery.

How is a Cataract Removed?

With no-stitch cataract surgery offered at Brandon Eye Associates, our eye surgeon makes an incredibly small incision in your eye to remove the cataract, or clouded lens, with ultrasound and suction. No sutures are required, and the incision seals itself. You’re awake during the procedure, but a small amount of anesthesia ensures you feel no pain.

Once the cataract is removed, the ophthalmologist implants an intraocular lens at the back of your eye to replace the damaged lens. Your eye is then re-pressurized with a special solution that seals the incision and ensures no leakage occurs.

What is Life Like After Cataract Eye Surgery?

Our knowledgeable Brandon eye doctor can perform cataract eye surgery in about 10 minutes and allow you to return to normal activities almost immediately. This modern technique is far superior to the old cataracts treatment method that required a hospital stay and long healing time.

Patients were once even required to wear thick, heavy glasses following eye surgery. No-stitch surgical techniques allow for fast healing time and often provide complete vision correction with no need to wear glasses or contacts afterward. You may even have no need for reading glasses after eye surgery!

What are the Side Effects of Cataract Surgery?

Any type of surgery comes with some amount of risk. Fortunately, our Plant City eye surgeon has years of experience and boasts a 95 percent success rating. Still, it’s possible for swelling, bleeding, pain and infection to occur. Rest assured that serious complications are very rare, and even then, surgery side effects can be managed successfully with medication or follow-up surgery.

See Our Eye Doctors to Learn More About Cataracts

If you’re concerned about your gradually diminishing eyesight, there’s no reason to live needlessly with cataracts. Join thousands of other patients who have had successful eye surgeries performed by our experienced Brandon ophthalmologists. To learn more about your condition, please call our Brandon location at 813-684-2211 or our Plant City location at 813-754-1869.


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